The production philosophy of Tenuta Regisole is based on the principle that the quality of a great wine comes first and foremost from the quality of the grapes and the vineyard. Abandoning pre-established schedules and taking into account the climatic conditions of each year allow to get superior quality wines, genuine and able to convey to those who taste them a rich bouquet of sensations that represents the link between the vineyard and the cellar.

Cultivation and production techniques for superior quality wines

The vineyards of Tenuta Regisole enjoy an excellent sunny southern exposure, which together with the richness of the land and the regular climatic conditions, offers ideal conditions for characteristic, full-bodied and suited to aging red wines and perfumed and harmonious white wines. The vines are pruned with Guyot system, leaving only a maximum of 8 gems per vine to guarantee the quality production.

In the rows and under rows the sward management of the soil is applied: the grass is cut only 2 or 3 times a year according to the need, in order to preserve the life and biodiversity of the vineyard. This choice together with the use mainly of copper and sulfur for anticryptogamic treatments allows to have vineyards as “natural” as possible without contamination .Harvesting of the grapes by hand in crates in September is a mainstay of our production method. The grapes are then taken to the cellar for vinification. In the cellar: where experience meets tradition and innovation

When the grapes arrive in the cellar, they are selected: only the best grapes are worthy to become superior quality wines. The red grapes are immediately vinified using a destemmer-crusher. It then remains to ferment together with its own skins for about twenty days in stainless steel tanks so that the skins transfer to the wine the typical coloring of Oltrepò wines  and polyphenol. Then, the wines destined for aging are transferred into barriques or into particular earthenware containers called “capasoni” typical of some regions of southern Italy. Using the “capasoni” distinguishes Tenura Regisole from other wine makers located in the Oltrepò area; the “capasoni” do not transfer particular hints to the wine that is so free to age without interference.

In the case of white grapes instead, after the harvest in crates, they stay to dry for about 10 days before being pressed and transferred to stainless steel tanks. The entire production process from harvest to bottling is carried out directly without external intermediaries, guaranteeing a continuous control over the quality of the produced wines.

“Glowing wine on his palate lingered swallowed.

Crushing in the winepress grapes…Sun’s heat it is.
Seems to a secret touch telling me memory”
James Joyce